Wild Thing – by E.N. LOIZIS

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Wild Thing


She was beauty

in the way she ran

through a poppy field


red bleeding around,

hair ablaze with the kiss

of the midday sun

framing her face

in liquid gold


She was beauty

in the way she laughed

from the belly

from the shoulders

from the heart,

lips soft

teeth sharp

eyes alight

with a furious hunger


She was beauty

in the way she dove

head first

into the sea

into the moment

into life

hands stretched

grasping in eager want

wanting in every way


She was beauty

in the way she spoke

words shooting

from a feral tongue

to the beat

of her swelling heart

forever growing  with wonder

a universe expanding within


She was beauty

She belonged to the stars

to their time-defying light

to the firmament above…

so vast

so painfully

not mine

not yours

not ours


like all Beauty

she was no man’s

and every man’s

at once


E.N. Loizis

E.N. Loizis is a Greek writer, married to a Spaniard, living in Germany, writing in English. She writes flash fliction, short stories and poems, while pretending to work on her first novel. She enjoys breathing, sleeping and eating. You can find her at and

*Photo courtesy of Brian Michael Barbetio*


3 Replies to “Wild Thing – by E.N. LOIZIS”

  1. Reblogged this on E.N. Loizis and commented:
    Several months ago I wrote a poem inspired by my perception of beauty. Not beauty in the typical photoshoped-to-look-like-what-magazines-and-tv-deem-aesthetically-pleasing sense, but beauty as strength, individuality, courage. All those things that shine through a smile or the way someone speaks about something they love.
    I have a daughter now, so I can’t afford to let her think of herself the way I thought of myself growing up. I will do everything in my power to make her understand that she is beautiful no matter what the world will have her believe. And I know the world will try.

    So here it is. Kelly Coody was kind enough to accept and publish it and I am very happy to be able to share it with you all.

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