Ray of Hope – by NICK BLACK

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Ray didn’t see the old one-two coming, and after that, he didn’t see anything at all.  Both retinas detached, Coach said.   If they’d acted sooner, things might have been different, but somehow Ray had stayed on his feet and no-one had realised anything was wrong.  By the time Sonny Boy finally got him down…

Still he trained, every morning, shadow-boxing in his shadows.  Sweat pouring down his body, boots barely touching the ground.  ‘I’m having that title back!’ he’d shout.  ‘I’m ready this time!  Ya hear me, Sonny Boy?!’  Fists flying at a target just beyond reach.



***Nick Black’s stories been shortlisted for various competitions, including the 2015 Bath Flash Fiction Award, the Land Rover/GQ/Salon House Short Story Competition and the 2013 Spread the Word Prize, and published in the e-book anthologies “Edgeways” and “Inside These Tangles, Beauty Lies”. He has also been published online at Ad Hoc Fiction (2x winner), Litro Magazine, Cafe Aphra and Short StorySunday. In 2014, Nick was invited to read at the first London Short Story Festival. 

He Tweets at: https://twitter.com/fuzzynick

***Photography courtesy of Brian Michael Barbeito (Thank you, Brian.)***

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