Letting Go – by NIKKI COODY

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Letting Go

by Nikki Coody

Love makes you human

Everybody knows

Tear it off

Tear it off

I‘m me, you’re you

Not everybody can see it

Getting it off your chest will make you feel better

Going away might help it

Oh? Things, sometimes, might be different.

*This is an original acrostic poem written by Nikki Coody exclusively for the theme ‘Letting Go.’*


FullSizeRender (43)

***Nikki Coody is a 2nd grade student in Fort Worth, Texas. She won the reading bee for her entire school district, after competing at many levels, becoming a 2015 “Reading Bee Champ.” Nikki is part of her school’s Gifted and Talented program, loves math and robotics and believes that women can do anything. She is out to change the world and takes a strong interest in (is passionate about) social justice and political affairs. [She also loves pizza and watching Teen Titans Go!]***

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