Depraved / Truth / Gently Carefully / And Love Remains – by LEARA MORRIS-CLARK

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You steal my breath

and hold my life within your grasp.

I fear my heart should burst

with the lack of you.

My blood flows

at your touch,

exposing me for all that I am.

Your light shines upon my face

and uncovers my sin.


no longer conceals

that which is despised –

within the shadows hidden.

My skin trembles

as your breath

reveals my humanity.

I long for you to discover –

unveil me before you.

With your departure,

you undo me.

My secret belongs to you.

To wither in the sunrise

is a deserving sacrifice

for the gift of

your ambiguity.

I choke on my confession

and you dare not hear it,

for I am destined to depravity.



desperation tears through the veil of reason

that so valiantly fights to disguise despair.

logic retreats and fear commands acknowledgement.

fatal weakness gives the darkness rule.

reigning over trembling lies,

disease destroys the false calm

and rage releases its fury

as truth plunges deep into the soul

like the mortal blow of a poison tipped sword.

the sharp blade cuts cleanly and precisely

through thin attempts to save a dying deception.

drops of reality flow with determination

from a gaping wound.

Gently Carefully

Open me gently.

Open me carefully.

I am laid bare before you.

Open me gently

with hands made strong by years

and soft by love.

Open me carefully –

as I bare my body, I bare my soul.

Open me gently

and feel my passion,

until now held at bay.

Open me gently.

Open me carefully

and behold me with weary eyes

made new by the adoration so clearly

displayed before you.

Open me gently and feel what you have begun.

Open me carefully –

you have captivated my heart.

I tremble, yet you come inside.

This fury that you created

threatens to consume us,

so open me gently

and carefully come inside.


And Love Remains

Those blue eyes raining tears of love and pain

watch over me

and find no fault,

though it is fault I see.

The sun shining amid the morning grey

brings revelation

to another day and here beneath its warmth

we find, though night has faded

and the morning light

exposes those dreams made true in the darkness,

my love is for certain

and though I may have fault,

I find none with you.

Through foggy morning thoughts

I see those blue eyes

emanating the love

that could not be hidden should you even try.

I rise to meet your kiss and

we linger somewhere in the middle

where fear disappears

and that love remains.



In her younger days, she happened upon Emily Dickinson and Amy Lowell. At the time, she felt she could not share her private self with most and so Emily and Amy coaxed her to open up. They showed her how to express her feelings and observations in a way that freed her and, she hoped, moved others. That is why she writes. 

*Featured image courtesy of the photography of C.C. O’Hanlon*

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