Motherhood – Part I – by E.N. LOIZIS

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No-one warns you of the fear

simmering underneath your skin

like a fever

burning you up


No one tells you of the nightmares

when wide-awake

when deep in sleep


So how could you know before…



…before you were a walking heart

pulsating in full display

all red and soft

all tender tissue

exposed flesh

pumping blood


No one says

you no longer belong to yourself



When you learn how to love

with such abundance

such disregard

for your ego

everything becomes a gift


And you heart

-that mushy muscle,

that engine of love-

is growing bigger

with her every breath


They never tell you

nothing will ever feel safe

you’ve seen too much of the world,

you know


They never say

bedtime stories fight your monsters

walking in the shadows

creeping in the sun


You weild the axe

that ends the Wolf

You tear into its flesh


You make it right



You make it right by her

like you should

like you would


In bedtime stories

The Wolf never stood a chance


E.N. Loizis

E.N. Loizis is a Greek writer, married to a Spaniard, living in Germany, writing in English. She writes flash fliction, short stories and poems, while pretending to work on her first novel. She enjoys breathing, sleeping and eating. You can find her at www.enloizis.comand

*Photography courtesy of Brian Michael Barbeito*


One Reply to “Motherhood – Part I – by E.N. LOIZIS”

  1. Reblogged this on E.N. Loizis and commented:
    Being a mother is the most amazing, beautiful, fulfilling tastk I have ever taken over. It makes life prettier, more meaningful and joyful.

    It is also fucking terrifying…


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