Poetry is in the Eye of the Beholder – by YESSICA KLEIN

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Of Age



future is coming

fluorescent adolescent

hold tight, ride about to begin

what’s my age

inherit the earth as fast as it comes

live fast die old

don’t give it half-hearted, give it all

don’t be shy

this is what we got

try not to lose it

same place tomorrow

as old as your fears

it is our birth right to be discontented






years ago

urban wasteland

why cities need breathing spaces


visual backdrop

empty and torn down

empty urban space

breathing space

living and thinking

empty space


the rock’n’roll rebels (military gear)

the art-school boys (paint-splattered clothes)

absolutely crucial

absolutely bedevilled


the last 20 years

impossible spaces to move




these places were blank




Forever Young



everyone grows old

maybe, maybe

anything to go by skateboarding the fountain of youth

the clock starts ticking

youth-centric world

keep the dream




Yessica Klein is a Brazilian writer and artist based in London, whose work has been published in zines and websites in both English and Portuguese. Besides writing, she spends her time in a camera shop and in between the kitchen and the local urban farm.

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