To Police or Not To Police? – Editor In Chief Kelly Coody

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Good evening, SLM friends, family, readers and writers! 

I want and need to say a few things: some of you know me very well — meaning you’re aware that I suffer from some ongoing mystery illness that’s zapped my energy and mental capacity ever since I came down with mono (caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus) about a year and half ago.

You might also know that I strongly support the LGBTQA+ community.

You, however, may not  know that my brother works for the Fort Worth police department as a detective, after having worked as a patrol officer, on the streets, for over a decade. There was a mass-shooting incident in our neighbor city of Dallas, just days ago. If you don’t know about the shooting, there was a single man acting out of retribution and anger, shooting to kill anyone wearing blue.

Here’s the problem: negative press sticks in our minds and gains more visibility than any positive press EVER will for these men and women.

You weren’t there when my brother was called to move the dead body of a 12 year-old boy, lying in bed, cold and stiff, parents standing idly by, confused. You weren’t there when he was up on a ledge during a horrific ice storm, talking a man off the ledge, talking him down from jumping, only to slip and  nearly end up dead on the pavement beneath him. You weren’t there when he narrowly escaped bullets aimed for his HEAD during a shoot-out. You don’t know these things. Why? Because someone who has been called to the scene of a traumatic motor vehicle accident, has to see a severed head sucked up by a giant vacuum, and continues on with his day, DOESN’T WANT TO FUCKING RELIVE IT. He is haunted by what he saw and continues to see. He is plagued by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and not only is a good man, but a great one. He meant the oath when he took it–sworn to protect and serve.

And he’s stared death in the face more times than I can count while trying to save the people of his community.
While he was working patrol, I was terrified every day that he would get shot just because of his uniform. He worked to get people unstuck from buried snow only to get hit in the back by a flying board going 70 mph and sustained permanent back injuries while doing so.
Perception is a great thing; at least you now know a little bit about mine. And why I have the one that I do.
We were raised in a household that did not tolerate racism, sexism, or judgment of any kind. There are bad apples in every profession, but we are living in what I would classify now as very dangerous times. I’ve been given so many speeding tickets by more than my fair share of officers who weren’t friendly AT ALL and gave me zero leeway. It sucked. They made me cry.
What we have on our hands is so much bigger than a few scattered incidences; we have an epidemic. We can choose to look at the world with hate in our hearts and in our minds, or we can choose to wake up and want to be the change that this world so badly needs.
Be kind, be honest, be brave, but don’t let regurgitated anger and hate rule your hearts.
Someone ACTUALLY told me yesterday that they didn’t feel bad for a G*d*amn one of them-referring to the officers who were fatally shot in Dallas.


Well, guess what? I do give a goddamn. And I’m going to keep giving a goddamn until I take my last breaths on this earth. I wish others were as outspoken and open-minded, to just see, for one moment, the hurt that I feel in my heart after a shooting this close to home. And that there are POLICE OFFICERS of EVERY shape, color, size and gender IN THE U.S. Stop pigeon-holing EVERYONE. Despite what some may feel about this letter, I AM NOT ANTI-BLACK. I have never been. EVER. And that’s what makes me so goddamn mad. I know that I’m cursing a lot but I feel that unless people are informed, unless people see the other side to the story, that all of this hate and negativity will continue to be perpetuated by radical extremists.

I love my family. Don’t kill my family. Because my family woks hard to save yours every day that he’s on the job.


Kelly Fitzharris Coody

Editor In Chief


3 Replies to “To Police or Not To Police? – Editor In Chief Kelly Coody”

  1. Kelly and I were both effected and very disappointed the morning after the Dallas. My boyfriend is a cop in NJ. I was personally sick to my stomach because all he wants when he wakes up in the morning is to help people. He doesn’t want to give anyone a hard time, he just wants to keep the people of the town he works for safe. And to think that someone could have so easily shot him for doing his job hurts my heart. Yes, there are some power hungry police officers out there. They hold themselves up on a pedestal and believe that because of their badge that they are better than everyone else. Unfortunately those officers ruin it for everyone.

    I’m also so tired of the divide that hate creates. Do Blue Lives Matter? Yes, I just explained why. But its not about color. Its about ALL LIVES MATTERING. We are all humans and we all came to this earth the same way. NO ONE IS BETTER than anyone else. It is disgusting that these tragedies happen and I wish we could stop hem but hate is only going to make it worse. I just wish the hate would stop. I am so happy that Kelly wrote one of her charismatic letters that she is always great at writing.

    Please remember that at the end of the day that those officers take that uniform off. They put their gun in their locker and they drive home to their families. I am happy everyday when my boyfriend comes home and it was “just another day.”

    -Melissa Libbey


  2. Kelly, I’m so sorry to read this and my heart goes out to you. It’s wrong to shoot policemen, it’s wrong to shoot human beings, no matter what their race is. I understand your sorrow and hope this madness will end soon. Sincerely, 🙂 xxx


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