Vanishing Act – by STEPHEN BAILY

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I opened my eyes. It had been pitch dark when I closed them and the daylight surprised me. With the sleeve of my coat I had to wipe the fog off the window to make out the trooper rapping on it.


You okay in there?”

Cold but yeah. The car died on us.”



I followed his gaze to my left. Seth was gone from behind the wheel. I twisted my head around and he wasnt in the backseat either.


He was here when I dozed off.”


My brother.”


The trooper straightened up and glanced around. In the frozen fields stretching away from the road toward Canada, nothing but stubble was in sight.


Let me see your license.”

I dont drive.”

Some other ID then.”


All I had in my wallet was my draft card, which he was a long time studying.


Youre pretty far from home. Where you headed?”


You in school there?”

My brother is.”

All right. Stay put while I run your name.”


I was telling myself to get a gripthat they couldnt possibly be after me yetwhen he returned from his cruiser.


I called for a tow, but the truck cant get here for a while, so come on, Ill drop you in town at the garage.”

What about my brother?”

My guess is well pass him on the way.”


He was right. Wed gone maybe a mile when I saw Seth trudging along the shoulder. Because I was in the caged back of the cruiser, he thought I was under arrest.


In the drafty garage on Main Street, it was barely warmer than outside. The vending machine was on the fritz and the only thing to sit on was a backless bench. An out-of-date pinup calendar was stuck to the cinder-block wall opposite the bench, next to a poster on which the flag was flapping over an injunction to love it or leave it. When the car finally showed up, the garageman laughed at the shape it was in and didnt even bother to raise the hood.


Tell you what. Ill take it off your hands for scrap and knock off half the towing charge.”


As it happened, the Greyhound station was just down the street. A bus for Montreal was leaving in half an hour and he waited with me till it started boarding.


Sorry I couldnt get you there.”

You tried.”

You sure you really want to do this?”


I heaved my duffel bag into the baggage compartment.


No way Im buying it for those bastards.”



STEPHEN BAILY is the author of three novels, ten plays, and short stories that have appeared in some twenty-five journals. His novel “Markus Klyner, MD, FBI” is available as a Kindle e-book at

*featured image courtesy of Brian Michael Barbeito*

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