Time To Die by Michael Victor Jackson

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Time to Die


I speak words

I can never mean

to a face

that can’t be seen


Use these hands

to shade these eyes

from a blinding light

up in the sky


Cast a shadow

across some lawn

hinder their rising sun

at dawn


Icy frost

a windy sigh

a broken heart

it’s time to die



***After Michael Victor Jackson graduated with an MFA from the Slade School Of Fine Art,  he moved to Germany where he has taught English for the last 15 years. Michael has exhibited his art throughout the world as well as curating numerous international exhibitions.

Michael turned to writing in 2010. After self-publishing a collection of his poetry in “HUMSANITY”, he was included in “CRITICAL DECOR: A Short Organum For Exhibition” Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock. 2014 and “CRITICAL DECOR. WHAT WORKS?” Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock. 2014.

Recently, he has published “THE LANGUAGE TRAP: The Truth Behind What You Say”. An uncommon look at our common understanding of everyday words that reveals how grotesquely we have, in fact, misunderstood language, and the trail of devastation we have left behind us as a consequence.

Michael also gives regular talks and reading on subjects as diverse as consciousness, chaos and order and understanding yourself through language.

Michael lives with his wife, son and two cats in a small town in Bavaria, Germany, A place which he considers Nick Cave’s “God Is In The House” to sum up particularly well. ***



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