So life keeps going, dragging us along

like clouds pushed forward against

Their wish by willful wind.

We are unsure how we are moving-

Are we moving?

Or is it the way that moves?

In either way we have to go

Letting go all things past and all things present

A tiny presence in the great grand scheme.

The killing uncertainty of what

Lies ahead in the passage of future

Is more than we can handle.

Yet we cannot hold for long

What we are leaving behind, for

our marks on the world are obsolete.

No longer visible in the chaos around

We float towards another world

for the end itself is the beginning.


Hiraa did Masters in English Literature from Department of English, University of the Punjab. She also holds a Masters degree in Education and International Development from UCL Institute of Education, UK. Hiraa wrote her first poem for University of the Punjab’s English Department magazine “Words” and never stopped. Literature is her long term friend and she seeks refuge, advice, insight and delight in books. She is a lecturer in University of Education, Lahore, Pakistan where she teaches courses in literature.” Her work can be found in magazines like Eatlit.


One Reply to “Untitled by hiraa kazmi”

  1. This poem is great. It really made me think about “the bigger picture.” How our actions all play a part and how there’s something infinite after life, thank you.

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