Apprentice, Now Free by Eli Mond

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Apprentice, Now Free

You taught me the secrets of the Earth

And of the space that encircles it

—How to live by the laws of the unseen—

Until the time came for me to wander alone

Like a bird when pushed from the nest,

Forcing him to recall the power of his wings

As it was shown to him by those who’ve flown before.

And in that moment of breakthrough you renamed me


He who learns beyond the knowledge given

To him by the wise and disembodied whispers

Heard in places lit by naught but fire and moonlight.




***Eli T. Mond is the pen name of David Davis, a Detroit native and an English major at the University of Michigan Dearborn. He has been an avid creative writer ever since junior high, dabbling in fiction and songwriting, however, poetry became his main mode of expression after studying, and falling in love with, the works of Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare in high school. Some of his influences include the aforementioned writers, as well as others such as William Blake, Walt Whitman, and Emily Dickinson. Twitter: @elitmond***

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