The Caravan- by Malkeet Kaur

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The Caravan


While life lurked in the rooms with military darkness and silence-  punctual and precise,

Amidst an eve of euphoric din out,

She kept matching new steps

As years trailed behind,

Finding herself walking alone

Through yet another door;


Until one day she found her steps

Sure and firm, marching with the time.


Until she found

She was her own caravan

Drifting alone through newer doors

As the old ones shut forever behind.


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Malkeet  Kaur lives in India and teaches English language in a public school in Navi Mumbai . She is a science graduate. She also holds post graduate degrees in ‘English Literature’ and ‘Applied Linguistics’ and a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Education’. Verse is the medium through which she expresses her inner most feelings and conflicts. Some of her poems have got published in anthologies like ‘Acerbic Anthology for Women’, ‘Twist of Fate-the charitable anthology’,’The Awakening of She’ and e zines like Episteme, Yellow Chair Review, Degenerative Literature, Barking Sycamores,The Significant Anthology, to name a few. Her poems are mostly existentialist and feminist in nature.


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