Billdewing – by ASHLEY SGRO

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Here, the space is colored deep blue, and its lightened darkness drops down from the sky until it reaches the surface of the pavement. Wet static from the rainfall can be heard from underneath the dry opening in front of an old building. From that spot—standing or sitting—a small bare space exists with the mixture of tarnished asphalt, water, and air.

This is Billdewing. A calming place. A forgotten. A wet underworld. An escape. Something anonymous. Something no one can touch.

Nor understand. An open ocean of a see-through hue with cracks of black coral and nails of rusted sea creatures


Ashley Sgro

Ashley Sgro has always been infatuated with words and writing. As an avid reader and eternal writer, she dedicates her free time to composing poetry and flash fiction. Ashley currently lives in New Jersey. Visit her at

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