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Easy Aim


Make magic off the call of car alarms.

Like every pig done gone and littered the farm with enough bacon to legitimize lighting fire to stove.

Stuck at home with a case of Rose;

Enough wine to make the Sunset blush.  

Back-stabbers follow along, like every big kid had enough of the bullies at noon.

We a creative force.

As in,  

We create destruction to barns and wreak havoc along with every one of a failing artist’s bad songs.

So stay informed, like school-daze is now a firing range for Guns.

Still just a Gremlin at home, a less than upright plow through the storm of bullets that chew up your home.



Matthew Thompson is an American-born writer & author, raised in California. He grew up walking the streets & garnered a deep respect for graffiti art. All he did was read in his early life, up to eighteen when he became embroiled in the world of Sex, drugs & rock & roll. His style comes from a mix of various rap artists & ancient philosophy.

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