Worries/A Summer Haze/Dreams/Dawn/Stewards – Poems by CAMERON REGAN

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Staring back at me is not my reflection,

but a dense compilation of my fears.

My stresses and troubles are under this mask;

this mask of coolness

Wearing this mask is not an easy task.

But it is easier than facing them:

they who are ruthless,

who bring to light my foolishness.

The foolishness of what troubles me,

of what darkens my soul.

They are my fear of the future,

of what my life will be.

I need to get over this fear.

I will.

But in the meantime,

I will avoid mirrors

because they are just bearers

of what I cannot bear to see myself.

So until I succeed in finding some direction,

I suppose I will have to avoid my reflection.


A Summer Haze


the light filters through

the dusty curtains.

it is dusk,

the time of day when the sun

must decide whether or not to stay.

everything is still

but a few singing birds.

their song enchants my soul

and puts my spirit at ease.

the broken rays of sunlight

rest upon my skin.

slow moving petals float

down from the heavens

and my loose hair becomes

sprinkled with wildflowers.

I treasure this moment,

for I know that soon

the sun will depart,  

and time will no longer stand still

so I cherish the wondrous daze

that is only found in this dream-like summer haze.




they tell us who we really are.

who we are at our seams

what we would do in the extremes

who we would be if we lived far

in some place where no one knows who we are

in a tropical destination

living in a state of perpetual elation

where magical creatures roam

and we never have to go home

home to where there is no such thing as magic

where some of life is tragic-

in our dreams we never have to leave this place of wonder

not realizing that when we awaken from our slumber

we will just be looking forward to our next chance

to dream away our current circumstance.




I am lying in bed

awoken by the sounds so close to my heart

the birds’ sweet song fills my head

and reminds me of the best part:

when the sun is greeting me

with a sleepy hello only I can see

it is a private exchange

a delicate conversation

each word pre-arranged

to avoid hesitation…

there is no time to waste-

for soon the others will awake-

so each day we must make haste

to seize this moment of ours to take

for the minutes before the morning light

is when my spirit is made all right.




tiny bird, so safe in this tangled mess:

tucked away and hidden

in the sweet comfort of your nest.

with this elfin life of yours I am smitten.


great lion, how freely you roam

in a land with laws unwritten

you call these vast fields home

with this powerful life of yours I am smitten.


dainty rabbit, never standing out-

for the threat of others you listen

to stay safe from the trouble about.

with this peaceful life of yours I am smitten.


passionate humans, with the gift of intelligence

still craving to do what you are forbidden

your fervid actions ruled by vengeance

with this paradoxical life of yours I am stricken.



Cameron Regan is currently a high school student from New York.  She enjoys creative writing in her free time and hopes to continue to improve in poetry and short story writing.

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