“I saw a Bird”


I saw a bird

it wasn’t just any bird

it had a face

and a voice

it was translucent

it knew of life and death;

depression and suicide

at sight of me

it stopped

it was irritated

there was a small


around its ankle

and its pointy feet

looked odd

it began speaking

like a human

telling me

how much it liked


and beetles

“always wanted

to go to Italy.”

it said.

it opened its beak

and I saw everything:

every woman

I’ve ever loved

every place

I’ve ever been

then it called me

“a fucking idiot”

and flew away



Kyle Perdue was born and raised in Carlsbad, California.  He loves to play music, hangout with friends, and have a good time.  He is currently studying marine biology at University of California, San Diego and as a hobby he loves to write.


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