He holds a crisp new fiver between his fingers.

“No,” I say, encouraged by the sweat on his top lip. “More.”

He sighs and parts his wallet again.

“I’ve only got a twenty,” he says. “Have you got change?”

“I’ll take the twenty,” I say. “And the five.”

Since The Incident At Svetlana’s BBQ, I’ve been making my husband pay for certain things he wants done. Her push-up bra’s been a nice little earner for me.

“Ok,” I say, snapping on my Marigolds. “Let’s get this over and done with.”

The spider in the shed is big and bulbous. Jesus! I don’t even mind them and I need a moment to approach it. “Have you got it yet?!” he pleads from the kitchen door. “All gone!” I walk slowly around the side of the house with it cupped in my hands. And drop it through the bathroom window.

I’m learning.



Nick Black’s stories have been published by Spelk Fiction, the Woven Tale Press, Sick Lit, Cafe Aphra, Litro and (forthcoming) the Lonely Crowd and Firefly Magazine.  More can be found at 

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