Here at the End of All Things / On Learning How to be a Husband / The Stutterer – by RYAN GARESIO

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Here at the End of All Things


Thank you for calling me ‘honey-bear.’

Thank you sewing the shirt that I’m wearing

And for patching me up with violet yarn.

Thank you for loving the rain.

Thank you for loving the quiet

Of the world we live in.

Thank you for teaching me how to breathe.

Thank you for giving me a chance

On life, life with you.

Thank you for remembering my birthday.

Thank you for reminding me how important

My birthday is to you.

Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for catching me

When I fall to the ground.

Thank you for smiling, and

Thank you for the gentle push

Off the ground, so I can stand tall again.


The world will always be ours, honey-bear.

It’s quiet now.

Breathe. Do you remember how?

It’s raining, honey-bear.

I’m here to fix you.

You’re broken.

I’ll patch you up.


On Learning How to Be a Husband


Love is not just

a home,

nor is it the sun.


It is the desert

and its bitter cold;

The blood on our fingers,

the blisters on our soles.


The Stutterer


I mumble and stumble and jumble

My words.

Not just any words;

The important words:

Words to get my point ac-c-roooss.

Words toletpe ople know howif-f-fee l.

Words to tttttttellmymotherimmmmmssssorryfor not beingthththththere.

(Sorry? Oh…)

Words to tell my mother I’m sorry for not being there.



I don’t feel like I’ve ever really won

With words.


Is this m-m-making sense to y-y-y-you?!?!



Ryan Garesio is an emerging poet residing in Meriden, CT. He spends his days with his wife and dog, and watches football when he can. He is currently pursuing an M.S. in English and Secondary Education from Southern Connecticut State University.

2 Replies to “Here at the End of All Things / On Learning How to be a Husband / The Stutterer – by RYAN GARESIO”

  1. So many great stories here.
    I just don’t know where to begin. I have a Nonfiction story about myself I call, An Orphans Journey( the wild ride) i have had over 9 near depth experience’s and many crazy stories like being accused of killing my wife.

    Accused of rape and drugs on my boat and many more. I would like to make a few bucks since I have been retired for 30 years and ss is so little


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