Time to vote on your favorite t-shirt!

Hey, guys! Nicole here.

All of the Kean University graphic design student contest submissions are in, which means it’s time for you to vote!

Choose your favorite design and cast your ballot in the comments below. Kelly and I will be back next Wednesday to announce the winner. Get your favorite design off your chest so you can put it on your chest! Voting closes at midnight EST on Tuesday, February 21st.

EDIT: What a fascinating twist! This contest has opened an unintended, but very important dialogue. We would love to hear from our readers about their favorite design. If you could include with your vote an explanation about why you feel your chosen design best represents Sick Lit Magazine, Kelly and I would be very grateful. This is a great opportunity for the editors and the writers to see the magazine from our reader’s point of view. Thanks for your feedback!

  1. tshirt1
  2. tshirt2atshirt2b
  3. tshirt3
  4. tshirt4
  5. tshirt5
  6. tshirt6
  7. tshirt7

60 Comments Add yours

  1. Monica Flegg says:

    I vote for #1!


  2. Excellent tees! My vote is number 4. The brain would be right over the heart of the person wearing it. That’s Sick Lit-brains & heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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