Sleeping Beauty – by MARISSA LaPorte

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Sleeping Beauty


In an attempt of suicide

She pricked her thumb

On that lonely spindle

A drop

Of virgin blood

And the deal was done

Rather than sweet release

She fell into a deep sleep

Cursed with another breath

Worse than a violent death

They ripped out her tongue

Scooped out her eyes

Taped over her red lips

For good measure

Suitors arrived

They weren’t in search

Of true loves first kiss

Her body rotted

Under their poisonous touch

This tale doesn’t add up to much

No one saved the beauty

No longer beautiful

And she never woke up



Marissa LaPorte is a 19-year-old student currently attending Grand Valley State University. She recently returned from studying abroad in England. LaPorte has been selected as a winner and a finalist for many flash fiction and short story contests held on the writing website and she was a runner up the “Letter’s About Literature Contest” held in Lansing, Michigan. LaPorte has most recently been published in the “Hedge Apple” of Hagerstown Community College, “Serendipity” of Bay De Noc Community College,, and she will be published in The Flash Fiction Press in September.


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