For the Love of My Life – by Nahian Kabir

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You came into my life like a cold summer breeze ,

When I looked in your eyes even time seemed to freeze.


With your smile ,

You subdued my foolish fears ,

Made me happy and wiped away my tears.


You came in my life because of fate ,

I was filled with nothing but hate .

but somewhere down the road,

In you I found my soul mate.


I am now yours and you’re mine ,

Your smile sends shivers down my spine .

Your love is so fine

and happiness is something you redefine …


Euphoria was something I felt ,

When you first held my hand ,

My heart began to melt

and I smiled at what God had planned … for us.


So as I look at the horizon with you beside me ,

I pray to God you’ll stay with me forever

Because my search for the perfect girl is over…


Shabab Nahian Kabir is aspiring poet from Bangladesh.
Nahian dreams of a world filled with art and literature.
When he’s not writing, you can find listening to music.
He considers rain and stars to be magic and that’s writing is to him.
Nahian is an editor for the Prestigious Writers and
publishes work frequently for local magazines.
Contact Nahian at

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