Melting Memories of Paper Skin – by Sudeep Adhikari

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A day with ancient déjà Vus. Confluence of sky

 and streets through the worm-holes

of melting memories. My skin was almost a

 paper, I could have painted my terracotta dreams there.

The cities have their own secrets; the ghettos

on the suburbs of Main Street, where a schizophrenic

hottie once told me an awkward story of a mother-ship,

beaming people up from the streets.

The stupor of half-burnt Black and Mild, stale Colt-45,

 and some colognes which smelled like sex. A local

 pizzeria where I saw nobody go, chocolate-chips cookies,

 purple punches, strapped-up gangsters, strippers and gods.

That must be the month of August.  Its deep blue

skies make me swoon, and make me lose my tongue.

Naked reality through the naked mind. I just watch.

sudeepSudeep Adhikari, from Kathmandu Nepal, is professionally a PhD in Structural-Engineering. .  His poetry has found place in many online/print literary journals/magazines, the recent being Red Fez (USA), Kyoto (Japan), Uneven Floor (Australia), Dark Matter Journal (USA), Open Mouse (Scotland), Outsider Poetry (USA), Devolution Z (Canada) and Pinyon Review (USA). 

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