Real Life Degenerates – by Bridget Langdon

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Real Life Degenerates

Real life degenerates in JC Penney today.

I thought I recognized them from a Rob Zombie movie.

Ghastly mistake.

Trapped in a neanderthalic conversation

Yearning for a time

When I could sacrifice them to the Gods.

The presumable father-uncle inhaled

Audibly for five minutes

Before speaking.

Revealing teeth fragments

Taunting me from inside the gums.

I recoiled in terror.

Obliviously proceeding,

He innocently reminisced of a time

When he was mistaken for a carnie.

The room exploded

With deafening squeals of excitement.

The unquestionable son-nephew greets

His own unrecognizable reflection

With unadulterated hopes of kindled friendship.

From a distance

I empathized with them.


Bridget Langdon is a second year Master’s student at Illinois State University.  She is in the creative writing program with an emphasis on creative non-fiction.  Her stories provide entertainment through self-deprecation and/or humor. Bridget’s list of achievements is short, and her only other full length article can be found in the spring 2017 edition of Grassroots Writing Journal.  Incidentally, her writing career was more successful when she was nine.  She can be found on Twitter under the name @FormerAltruist.

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