Photo-GRAPHIC Perfection – by Ki-Ana L. Tonge

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Young black female

Young black female, society and stereotypic hashtags

Hashtag you to be nothing but a tool

Nothing but a hammer or electric drill invented

To fulfill the desires of the stereotyped typical male

Nothing but a side dish beside some cooked rice, beans, and fried fish

But I don’t blame you baby girl

It’s what you’ve been taught

What you’ve been told

You’ve been told that if sold a couple one night stands

That sole dollar would in time add up to your weight in gold

And as her heart broken soul danced in synch with that pole

He pictured her.

Not in a sense of anything more graphic that the single lace of lace that covered her body

But in way in which he placed her on a pedestal,

So Godly

In a white dress

Hazed like the slow rolling Purple Haze that rose to cover her face

As she slow rolled in his face

He pictured her.

Sitting under a tree

With a sketch pad

Or a book of sincerely written poetry

Writing about lost loves, and great wants, and dreams

He pictured her.

With an easel, channeling her rightfully owned,

Inner Picasso

Picturing the finest strokes of brush man had ever seen


Messages you’d see if you would read

Between the lines

He pictured her.

Freezing moments behind a Cannon,

Or freshly purchased Kodak

Snapping photos of rows of red roses

He thought to be as beautiful as she

He pictured her

Vision in perfection

So clearly it was scary

He was prophet,

Gazing upon his reincarnated Mary

She was something

Oh, she was something.

But only if she could picture it.

Picture a world more positive than the naked pictures sent,

Sent to more than just the men her long shift nights are often sadly spent

If only she could picture it.

If only she could picture herself

The way he pictured her.

kianaKi-Ana L. Tonge is a humble,  outgoing, creative,  and ambitious nineteen year old from St.Croix , USVI, with a love for writing. She is on a mission to be the very best she can be,  and strives to make a difference with the tools and talents God has given her

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