Two Front Teeth – by Ani Keaten

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Two Front Teeth


When did I learn to smile for photographs?

When did this expressionless urchin up to

her ankles in a yard flooded with hose water,

eyes on the camera man,

lurch into a broad bright-toothed girl?

As beaver teeth devoured baby teeth,

my tongue resisting its enamel encasement,

my words spilling through shifting cracks,

at what point did I turn to my mother and say,

This doesn’t feel natural, teach me how to smile?

When did she demonstrate that, for a camera,

you will perch on a chair uneasily,

tie your hair back until it pinches,

hold your breath and body still?

And when did I discover that for a picture,

even beasts gather together for the feast.

anikeatenAni Keaten is a poet grown in the desert mountains of Idaho. She writes about daily life.


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