celestial 13 anomaly / add colour to taste – by Peter Bracking

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celestial 13 anomaly

infinitely rarer than cerulean moons

artemis armed gorged to burst edge

one : a whole lot of zeros

full this isolated 13


rarer than night overcast g street june evercold

neon breathes whiskey

pheromones disguised as musk

sing antennae jolts

desparate dna dance

moves earth and sky wheels

early am wakeup sirens rude



unique as that


add colour to taste

mix the light now

fold it impossibly in into itself

producing crenelated twilight creeping preceding

that bowl of shy city stars soon

this mix

light enfolding dark

balancing dancing a pinheadful

at a time


Peter Bracking tells tall tales. Earth point: a tropical metropolis


Words have literally been published from ocean to ocean to ocean by some really great literary mags in a growing number of countries on half the inhabited continents.


The only occupation is being a beach bum. Peter is the artistic director of Utter Stories.


Self aggrandizement: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017AFRGEK


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