Poetry Collection – by Adam Levon Brown

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I exist in the shadows

of an empty stomach

and broken dreams

I strive for the stars

while sitting amongst

the windswept clouds

I stare in the direction

of the soliloquy sun

while biding my time

I jump at the opportunity

to share a piece of myself

in the bleak December rains

I live for the unexpected

and the train-songs sung

by the unknown poet.


Gifts of Burden

I carry around my misery

like a bag of presents

I present them to everyone

I meet along the arduous journey

Suffering for you, self-pity for them

and a bit of darkness to top it all off

By giving these gifts away, I am

freed to experience positive emotions

By giving these gifts away, I can

relate to you in ways that simple

Consumerism fails to do.

I will walk the lonely road

and settle in silence when

the day is over and done.


Architect of Dreams

The madness washes

over me like waves of relief

I can feel my mind

begin to warp

into the multi-headed


I push open the door

and reveal my true being

That of both a saint and

a sinner, hellbent to

callous the inner

markings of my heart

I drop the multitudes

of philosophical

progeny which

have been created

I run naked

through the realms

of paradoxical dreams


Matrimony of Thoughts

Ricocheting off my brain

like cedar doors on a hot, humid day

Your voice cannot penetrate

the inner workings of peripheral


Moody malignancy

performs the ensemble

in fast forward renaissance


Split the atom and

now we end


Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He is owner of Madness Muse Press; a micro-press that publishes dark poetry, and a book  reviewer for Five 2 One Magazine.

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