Poetry collection – by L.B. Sedlacek

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Bruising History                                  


Each window had a candle

lit every day all day

a burning bright white light

the man living there said

his wife liked the lights

something to do with her


their neighbor across the street

his house had no candles

it was overgrown with vines

he was a friendly man

giving away apples or tomatoes

until his son murdered his


the candles stayed lit awhile

soon the windows were dark

neighbors house disappeared in vines

soon leveled to the ground

and for sale signs staked

the houses now with no



Life Hours                               


Been had can’t believe

fell for that trick

and fell for you

Been had can’t breath

don’t want to try

just fell too hard

Been had can’t see

keep my eyes closed

and fell so wrong

Been had won’t leave

Try to extract myself

but fell so hard

Been had not free

heart captured so complete

and fell for you

Been had won’t succeed

in ever forgetting you.


Gone Away                                   


I touched my fingers to yours

and you didn’t pull away

even though it seemed you would

you were distracted and busy

and almost completely unaware of me

ignoring me by not calling

ignoring by not looking at me

I should not need you

so I use distractions like music

working out, trying new things

but the mind stays so consumed

until bad news comes rushing

something final with no repairs

and I realize if you don’t

love me you never will

if you do then I would

never be able to love



L.B. Sedlacek is a poet and writer in western North Carolina. Her poems have appeared in “Mastondon Dentist,” “Improvijazzation Nation,”  “Pure Francis,” “Third Wednesday,” “Circle Magazine,” “Tales of the Talisman,” “Big Pulp” and others.  She publishes a free resource for poets, The Poetry Market Ezine.  She also enjoys swimming, riding bicycles, and volunteering with her local humane society.

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