Something More – by Damien B. Donnelly

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Something More
If I asked you
would you sever the skin
from your body
layer by layer
and blanket me
in your living flesh?
Maybe the nights would feel warmer.
If I asked you
would you bleed the blood
from your body,
value from veins
and feed me
with the liquor that lives in you?
Maybe the pain would taste different.
If I asked you
would you ease your eyes
from your body,
sight from sockets
so I that maybe
I could understand your vision?
Maybe the emptiness would look like less
and less
the end of less and less.
I never asked you
but you fucked me over
to pleasure your flesh,
to boil your blood,
to darken your eyes,
I never asked you!
I should have asked
for something more!
Damien B. Donnelly is a Dublin born pattern maker who has worked for various fashion brands while developing a love for writing since learning the alphabet. Owner of poetry and photography blog at, published online by FireFly, The Fable Online, published in book form with Original Writing’s Short Story Anthology ‘Second Chance’ and EyeWear Publishing’s poetry anthology ‘Nous Sommes Paris’. Left Dublin at an early age for Paris, ditched Paris for Love in London, dumped London for the flatlands Amsterdam until circling back to Paris. Often heard singing in the shower but most popular in the kitchen baking hip expanding cakes.

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