Reincarnation – Katy Telling

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Reincarnation – Katy Telling
Transcription / References:
You’re alive!
Blooming Flower!
Satan’s vagina.
“A note about the “Satan’s vagina” piece – the figure is from a comic by Esther Pearl Watson (her website is and you may want to check it out for research or just because she is hilarious) and it was cut from Bust Magazine Apr/May 2017 page 96.
I don’t always have all of this info for pieces of my collages but this artist is great and I am really not trying to take away from her talent and ability or use it without giving her much deserved credit.” – Katy Telling 
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Katy Telling is a writer and mixed media artist from the northeastern United States, currently working on two hybrid art/poetry chapbooks and designing a book cover for Malarkey Books. You can see her work on Instagram or Twitter @PoeticRituals and on the cover of Harbinger Asylum Literary Magazine. Look for upcoming projects with Manque Magazine, Botticelli Magazine, Pink Plastic House, Mythic Picnic, and more. Katy is the second featured writer at Sick Lit Magazine for the May, 2019 edition. 


**Featured image also courtesy of Katy Telling**

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