The Text

“Did Cory text you? They say, He slept with your cousin and everybody

in the church is gossiping.”

I say he fucked Tammy

and acted like Claudius.

While I was Hamlet.

Eyes red like red hot peppers,

sobbing and rubbing my eyes like the soap

operas, and attacking with my beak like the parakeet.

After the text, a volcano erupted.

I was a puffed up marshmallow

better yet a puffed up bird.


magazine photo

Quanesha Burr is currently a graduate student. She strives to be an inspiration through her writing and her future career. She can be contacted at

*Featured image courtesy of contributor Brian Michael Barbeito*


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  1. An interesting modern take on heartbreak. Instant revelation and instant reaction. It’s hard to hide in our modern media society.

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