A Ten Question Interview With The Artist… Kelly Coody (nee Fitzharris)

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Your One Phone Call

Why do you write?

I write because if I don’t, I will explode–I have to write. It’s just what I do.

What books do you read?

I read mostly suspense/thriller genre books; page-turners, and books that figuratively make my head explode (like Joseph Heller’s Catch-22.)

What inspires you?

What inspires me? This is a great question for a writer, as it can elicit such a variety of responses. My own idiosyncrasies and shortcomings, my past, my unresolved emotional baggage. This is an honest, from-the-heart answer! It’s unusual, of course, but writing fuelled by my unresolved past is not only truthful and powerful, but cathartic. Writing about something I never quite finished gives me closure in a way. It’s like I’m constantly trying to fill the hole that spurs my recurring dream that I’m having to do my senior year of high school over again as an adult back in Niceville…

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