Tender Thorn Wounds / When Love is a Rose – by ADAM BROWN

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Tender Thorn Wounds


Melting desire

inside the cornucopia

of flourished corneas


Black on black

smeared lipstick

in the shape of

a heart


Pulled teeth

and bitter roses

stapled to the vest

of mortuaries


Sweet pain

makes for

the best




When Love is a Rose


Push the barriers

To the next phase

Of enlightenment


Love is a four

Letter word with

Thorns and a psychotic

Break in the middle


You can taste

The fresh blood

That trickles from

Your fingers


As you cling

To the last

Shreds of

the best feeling

you’ll probably

ever experience



Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He is an editor at Creative Talents Unleashed and a book reviewer for Five 2 One Magazine. He has been published in dozens of venues, including Burningword Literary Journal and Yellow Chair Review. Adam can be contacted via his website at http://www.AdamLevonBrown.org where he offers free poetry resources.


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